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Sport and Health

in the Well-Read Person’s Life

Mens sana in corpore sano: when Juvenal penned the line” a sound mind in a sound body,” his intent was tongue-in-cheek—a jibe launched and the Roman life, pompously draped in virtue, of leisurely folly and garnering patronage. (Our fitness clubs can similarly be scenes where more political deals than bench presses get done.) Yet medical science has increasingly found truth in the poet’s sarcasm. We grow ever more sedentary as wheels and rails take us to and from work consisting of making phone calls and scrolling down screens. Our minds grow weary as our bodies scarcely move; and so we stimulate brain activity with caffeine and sugar (among legal substances), both of which further disrupt the body’s natural cycles.

Regular physical activity burns calories, improves circulation, stretches muscles, and so forth; but it also, and just as importantly, hits the mind’s “reset button”. We now know, for instance, that an exercise routine is an essential strategy in fighting depression. Young people, especially, should develop a habit of conditioning their bodies daily while good habits may still be easily formed. One might even go so far as to argue that routinely leading the body through complex or challenging maneuvers conceived by the mind is good for moral character; for the discipline involved in training to meet a physical challenge is bound to have “carry over” in a world so full of seductive traps that our minds recognize yet struggle to resist.

The links on this page, then, are intended not only to disseminate useful information about health for people of all ages (or sometimes, especially, for people of middle age or older) but also to pose exciting challenges to adolescents just beginning to explore how body and mind can work together. A mature, determined will can make a sound body… which can then, symbiotically, purge the physiological pipeline of the mind.

This small but growing page features information about homeopathic or traditional remedies, in particular, that can do everything from assisting heart and bone health to reducing the risk of cancer.  We offer no guarantees, only suggestions.  Implicit is a philosophical bias in favor of wisdom acquired over centuries and suspicious of synthetic chemicals expensively produced and aggressively marketed.

Physics, historical research, and scientific method harmoniously collaborate in this years-long and ongoing project to rediscover the fine art of hitting a baseball: especially recommended for young people with an interest in playing and seasoned fans with a love of the past.