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The Center for Literate Values ~ Defending the Western tradition of responsible individualism, disciplined freedom, tasteful creativity, common sense, and faith in a supreme moral being.


A Common-Sense Journal of Literary and Cultural Analysis

15.4 (Fall 2015)


A Quarterly Publication of the Center for Literate Values

1515-5436 (c)

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John R. Harris, Ph.D.

University of Texas, Tyler


Thomas F. Bertonneau, Ph.D.

SUNY Oswego


Helen R. Andretta, Ph.D.

York College-CUNY


Michael H. Lythgoe

Lt. Col. USAF (Retd.)



Contents of This Issue

                 Academe in Decay

How the Scholarly Personality Warps the Teaching of Literature       John R. Harris

In this third article of a series, the author examines how the personality type which has “self-selected” to become a college English professor embraces the “victim myth” as the key to all literature and insists on thrusting it into every classroom text studied.

                Federalism vs. Centralization, Ethnos vs. Mainstream

Regionalism and Nationalism in Canada     Mark Wegierski

In their profound ignorance of their immediate neighbor to the north, Americans will most likely be surprised to learn that the strains operating in Canadian politics, while different in a few very critical respects, are familiar, and even conform to about the same pattern and timeline as they do in the States.

Should a White Flag Wave Over the Stars and Bars? The Confederate Flag and Symbolism     Peter T. Singleton

Historical validity is not necessarily the last arbiter in how a symbol is valued by a culture; but the trend to abandon certain symbols as discredited because a demographic minority cries offense is often being manipulated by political propagandists, and could terminate our basic right to free speech.

A Fragmented Fragment-Culture     Mark Wegierski

The Polish experience in Canada has dramatized the experience of many ethnicities in the New World, insofar as the shifting and competing pressures of adjustment have caused any coherent ethnic experience to disintegrate.

            The Polis vs. Progress

A Return to the Castle: Enhancing City Life by Restricting Population     John R. Harris

Restaurants don’t pack in more clients than they can serve; neither do hotels or schools. Why should cities allow themselves to be so glutted with traffic that movement becomes impossible at certain hours?

            Education, P.C., & the World

Looking at the Annual Ranking of Polish Universities and Colleges, 2003-2015     Mark Wegierski

By browsing what would seem to be a rather colorless body of literature, the author is able to draw some telling conclusions about the current state and direction of Polish cultural life.

                Faith & Cultural Meltdown

The Greatest UFO Danger of All     Pancratistes

New photographs from Mars reveal stunning evidence of sophisticated life that didn’t originate on Planet Earth. Yet the most fearful part of the UFO phenomenon may be the neo-pagan cultism which it seems to excite among our intelligentsia.


The Climate Changes in the Year Fifteen     George Shirley 

This deceptive poem begins as a simple-seeming song about nature and her capricious weather… but by the last lines, the reader questions how many of the metaphors are really directed at human authority, and even current events.

Clean Muses, Part II: Behind the Tower    David Z. Crookes 

The mostly nocturnal adventures of a brotherhood of creative non-conformists who have fallen through the Politically Correct State’s cracks continue on an unforgettable New Year’s Eve. Their covert operation is conducted off the radar but not, happily, off-line.