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The material on this page eventually moves along one of two paths: it is shifted to the appropriate issue of Praesidium, or it is deleted. The former sort of post includes essays and articles for the quarterly journal which are available for view (and whose authors are willing to allow a “sneak peek”) before the forthcoming issue’s date of formal publication. Early access of this sort permits us to keep something new before visitors’ eyes on a fairly regular basis (especially desirable since, in this world of strictly budgeted time, many readers can never make it all the way through\ a new issue’s contents before other tasks claim their attention).

The latter kind of post is rather open-ended and casual. It may come in the form of a letter or brief comment responding to an article in Praesidium; it may be a species of “op ed” on a current even of critical matter which a reader decides to share with us; it may resemble a blog post made by a frequent contributor; or it may be a collection of thoughts or notes that will grow into an article for the journal. Only the last will be permanent (and then only in a more developed form). The other somewhat off-the-cuff reflections will linger until their shelf-life ahs passed, and will not be archived.

We have long sensed the need for some relatively relaxed venue of discussion—but we quickly learned not to let readers append articles after articles, since the monitoring involved could be very time-consuming and the comments, unfortunately, did not always attend closely (or even remotely) to the article’s contents. We therefore ask that you submit your post to the editor in an email and be patient. Please remember that The Center for Literate Values is a 501(c)3 organization and is therefore forbidden to engage in political advocacy on behalf of specific candidates.