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The Quarterly Journal of The Center for Literate Values

17.3 (Summer 2017)
Last Mohicans and Lost Worlds: How the Contemporary Academy Disfigures Our Literary Heritage     Peter T. Singleton
In Search of a Voice for the Polish-Canadian Community     Mark Wegierski
One Small Step for Incoherence, One Giant Leap for Anarchy: Three Specific Cases Where Abuse of Grammar Is Reshaping Culture     John R. Harris
Attention-Deficit Narcissism: A Crippling Malaise of the Socio-Economic Elite     John R. Harris, Peter Singleton, and “Pancratistes”
Why Speech in a Free Society Must Never Be Silenced: A Position Paper      Staff
On the 150th Anniversary (Sesquicentennial) of Canadian Confederation: The Decline of the Tory Tradition in Canada Since the 1980s     Mark Wegierski
Goodness, Weakness, and Evil in the Contemporary Community        John R. Harris
The Praesidium Sales Pitch Falls on Dead Ears (poem)      George Shirley

17.2 (Spring 2017)
Heading for the Last Round-Up     John R. Harris
Change as Idolatry: A Very Ancient Cult     John R. Harris
The Stupid: America’s Most Privileged Class     John R. Harris
Thoughts on New-Age Faculty Orientation (or Why I Am Definitely Retiring)      Peter T. Singleton
Whither Québec? Past, Present, and Future     Mark Wegierski
Ecology: A Long and Difficult Path Ahead     Mark Wegierski
On False Forgiveness: When Childish Fantasy and Moral Cowardice Mask as Mercy        John R. Harris
The God of Science: A Delicate Balance        John R. Harris
The Coelacanth (poem)      John R. Harris

17.1 (Winter 2017)
“Narrative Predilectics” One More Time: How Moral Fiber Enters the Weave of a Pleasing Text< John R. Harris
Feminist “Achievement” in Generation X: Victimization Required< Peter T. Singleton
A Brief, Honest Conversation About Race in America< Peter T. Singleton & Friend
Examining the Space Opera/Star Empires Subgenre< Mark Wegierski
Polish Language Knowledge and Polish-Canadian Identity< Mark Wegierski
Structural Issues of the Polish-Canadian Community On the Absurdity of the Technician-Prophet’s Inevitability The Human Costs on Main Street of Digitally Defined Progress A Casual Collection of Kindle Inanities: The Wacky World of Post-Literate Erudition Staff
Decline, Without Regrets

16.4 (Fall 2016)
Historic Storefronts Can Be Preserved: Gentile Manners Melt in Electrons     John R. Harris 
On the 200th Anniversary of the Founding of the University of Warsaw (November 19, 1816)     Mark Wegierski
The Gender-Confused Era’s Paradigm of the Manly Man     Peter T. Singleton
The Gotham Regime: Examining Human Nature From Al-Farabi to Batman     Josiah Shipley & Alexander Free
War on a Rainy Afternoon: Boardgames and Myth-Making (Appendix One)     Mark Wegierski
The Pernicious Contradiction Within Political Compromise of Basic Values     John R. Harris
Pensées (Thoughts on Pseudo-Science and Neo-Heathenry)        John R. Harris
El Moreno, Vendetta di Dio (excerpt)      J.S. Moseby
Selected Verse Memorializing Thirty-Five Years Since the Declaration of Martial Law in Poland     Mark Wegierski

16.3 (Summer 2016)

Twelve Years Since a 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebrated at Czestochowa, Poland     Mark Wegierski
Polybius, Prophet of Decadence: How an Ancient Greek Historian Correctly Anticipated Events of the Early Twenty-First Century     John R. Harris
On Outlasting the Life Cycle of the Technology-Intensive Economy     John R. Harris
The Dilemma of Hypermodernity    Mark Wegierski
Theoretical Rights, Multiculturalism, and Marginality: The Polish-Canadian Case    Mark Wegierski
The Corporatist PRC: Capitalism’s Planet-Devouring Silkworm     Pancratistes
Pensées (or Stray Thoughts on the Contorted Human Psyche)        John R. Harris
I Will Salute No More Forever     George Shirley
I Want My Own Person     Peter T. Singleton

16.2 (Spring 2016)
The Orator’s Audience. the Orator, and… the Orator’s Teacher: Captives in Aristotle’s Labyrinth of Duplicity (Part Two)        John R. Harris
In Search of a Distinctive English-Language Polish-Canadian Writing     Mark Wegierski
The Case of the Missing Tense     John R. Harris
Progressive Economics: The Starship Enterprise, the Good Ship Lollipop, and the Titanic in One Blueprint     John R. Harris
Examining the “Right-Wing Green” Critique of Current-Day America    Mark Wegierski
Confessions of a Very Flawed Editor, or Duped by Internet Con Games    John R. Harris
The Assault on Truth: A Critical Theater in Postmodernity’s War on the Spirit        John R. Harris
Three Sonnets from Charles Baudelaire’s Fleurs du Mal     Jonathan Chaves
Back From Christmas Break     John R. Harris
El Paso del Oeste     J.S. Moseby
Another Politically Incorrect Fable: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing     Peter T. Singleton

16.1 (Winter 2016)
The Orator’s Audience. the Orator, and… the Orator’s Teacher: Captives in Aristotle’s Labyrinth of Duplicity (Part One)        John R. Harris
Three Paradoxes Hiding Between Our Shoulders     Peter T. Singleton
A Report from the Maelstrom’s Vortex: How Bright College Students with Limited Intellectual Stamina Are Protecting Themselves from Reality     John R. Harris
Cuspers: A New Generational Category Proposed     Mark Wegierski Questions of Ethnic Identity Persistence in Mass-Media Dominated North America     Mark Wegierski
Creative Writing and the Polish-Canadian Community     Mark Wegierski
Cuddling Up With a Hornet’s Nest: America’s Nonsensical Middle Eastern Policies     Editor& Staff
Examining Two Possible Strategies for Success Today: Networking vs. “Borderdwelling”      Mark Wegierski
More on the Topic of Selecting a Profession       John R. Harris
Iranian Christians, Resettled in Germany, Are Terrorized by “Refugees”        John R. Harris
Hater’s Manifesto     George Shirley
Shovel-Ready Writing     Ivor Davies
Clean Muses, Part III: From the Past    David Z. Crookes

15.4 (Fall 2015)
How the Scholarly Personality Warps the Teaching of Literature       John R. Harris
Regionalism and Nationalism in Canada     Mark Wegierski
Should a White Flag Wave Over the Stars and Bars? The Confederate Flag and Symbolism     Peter T. Singleton
A Fragmented Fragment-Culture     Mark Wegierski
A Return to the Castle: Enhancing City Life by Restricting Population     John R. Harris
Looking at the Annual Ranking of Polish Universities and Colleges, 2003-2015     Mark Wegierski
The Greatest UFO Danger of All     Pancratistes
The Climate Changes in the Year Fifteen     George Shirley
Clean Muses, Part II: Behind the Tower    David Z. Crookes

15.3 (Summer 2015)
Angels Unchained: Toward the Liberation of Literature from the Professorial Plantation (Part Two)       John R. Harris
Gay Marriage: Pivotal Move in the Free Society’s Checkmate       Pancratistes
How I Spent My Summer Vacation, or A Curmudgeon’s Journey to the Other World     John R. Harris
Remembrance of Things Past     Mark Wegierski
A Voyage to a Land of History and Deep Meaning     Mark Wegierski
Polish-American Relations: “American Day” in Historic Polish Town Eleven Years Ago     Mark Wegierski
Visiting Torun, Birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus, Eleven Years Ago     Mark Wegierski
A Quick Glance at Fashion, Cosmetics, and Cosmetology: Memories of a Happier Time in East-Central Europe, Twelve Years Ago     Mark Wegierski
Images of Elves: Examining the Extent of the Tolkenian Transformation, and Subsequent ‘Postmodern” Visions, Especially in Pratchett’s Discworld, and the Warhammer Fantasy, Shadowrun, and Castle Falkenstein Role-Playing Games      Mark Wegierski
The Word, the Truth, and the Light, and the Life     John R. Harris
Clean Muses     David Z. Crookes
Notes on the Planned Decimation of the World’s Human Population, Second Draft     Ivor Davies

15.2 (Spring 2015)

Angels Unchained: Toward the Liberation of Literature from the Professorial Plantation (Part One)       John R. Harris
Conflicts Among Notions of Freedom, Order, and Security in a Globalized World     Mark Wegierski
More on Freedom (In Response to “Conflicts Among Notions”): In Praise of “Armed Camps”     John R. Harris
One Nation, Under Drones: An Idea That Must Be Shot Down       Pancratistes
Are Both America and Canada Currently in Decline?       Mark Wegierski
The Word, the Truth, and the Light     John R. Harris
Elysium Liberated (novel excerpt)        J. S. Moseby
Yearning (poem)        trans. David Z. Crookes
A Gifted Student’s Letter and a Jaded Teacher’s Postscript     Taylor Welles and John R. Harris

15.1 (Winter 2015)

The Great Lie: High Tech and Superior Education John R. Harris

The Pristine Self: Psychodynamics of the Anti-Bullying Movement Howard S. Schwartz

A Modest Proposal: Paying Border-Jumpers to Go Home and Read Pancratistes

Role-Playing Games – an Alternative to “Late Modernity”? Mark Wegierski

Dark Futures in Gaming: Some Further Explorations (Appendix One) Mark Wegierski

The Church Purulent: How a Friend That Won’t Fight Becomes a Foe’s Accomplice John R. Harris

The Old Pretender (short story/vignette) David Z. Crookes

King of the Mountain (short story/humor) Peter T. Singleton

“Broken” and “The Cruelest Month” (poetry) Michael H. Lythgoe

14.4 (Fall 2014)

Russian Painting: A Stupendous Genie Hidden in a Tarnished Lantern     Peter T. Singleton

Cast a Pale Eye on Right, on Left: A Polemical Lament for Upon the Death of Literary Study John R. Harris

A Poisoned Imagination?  Examining the Excess of “Late Modern” Imageries in Various Subgenres of the Fantastic     Mark Wegierski

Four Wild Cards: Volatile Elements in Our High-Tech Future, as Magnified by Space Travel       John R. Harris

Is “Christian” the Latest Word to Mean Nothing at All?     John R. Harris & George Shirley

The Christian Church in Progressive Meltdown: A Continuation of the Previous Discussion     John R. Harris & George Shirley

Homo Superior Rises from the Muck     Ivor Davies

Three Poems     Michael H. Lythgoe

A Suggested Focus for Exercises in Advanced Composition: Analyzing Our High-Tech World        John R. Harris

14.3 (Summer 2014)

Wordsworth’s View of Imagination: The Essential Building-Block of Morality      Wesley Ross Harris

From Bureaucratic Pipeline to Electronic Funnel: The Curricular Dismemberment of “the Arts”        Peter T. Singleton 

Erchomenology: The Study of Things to Come       John R. Harris

Examining the Four Main Foci for Traditionalist Impulses in Fantasy and Science Fiction       Mark Wegierski

Slavery by Any Other Name       John R. Harris

Human Free Will vs. Modern Science’s Will to Power        John R. Harris

Voyage to the Moon (excerpts), by Cyrano de Bergerac         based on A. Lovell’s translation

The Apprentice        David Z. Crookes 

Chaotic Times in Rhythmic Seasons        Michael H. Lythgoe 

Linguistic Death Watch     Staff

 14.2 (Spring 2014)

Post-Literate Reading and Writing: A Reconsideration After Another Decade of “Progress”       John R. Harris
Junkyard of Dreams         George Shirley
Exploring the Affinities Between Traditionalist and Ecological Thinking       Mark Wegierski
The IRS, the NSA, and Freedom of Speech in the Crossfire      John R. Harris
Beauty: That in Which Both Market and Church Are Poor        John R. Harris
Folk Tales and Fairy Lore in Gaelic and English         James MacDougall (collector and translator)
A Surefire Way to Ensure School Safety from Fire (of Any Kind)         Anonymous Contributors
Linguistic Death Watch   Staff

14.1 (Winter 2014)

Owein, or The Countess of the Fountain: Postscript       John R. Harris
The Steamrolled Kaleidoscope        Ivor Davies
“Third Parties” in Canada: A More Pluralistic Democracy?       Mark Wegierski
Sermon on the Mound: Of Ants and Men       George Shirley
How to Parse Grimm’s Fairy Tales as Literature       John R. Harris (introduction)
Homemade Hollywood        Anonymous Contributors

13.4 (Fall 2013)

Owein, or The Countess of the Fountain (translated from Middle Welsh)        John R. Harris

Total War        David Z. Crookes 

El Moreno, Vendetta di Dio        J. S. Moseby 

Violence and the Civilized Society: Conformity and Dissidence in Different Societies       Mark Wegierski

The Ideological Prospects of a Legitimate Second-Party Option in American Politics: A Position Paper     Pancratistes

Our Own Worst Enemy: How the American Bourgeoisie Has Undermined Marriage and Other Institutions Vital to Its Survival       John R. Harris

An Urban Cowboy’s Tips to Teens on Staying Alive     LVP

13.3 (Fall 2013)

Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other: Patrick McGoohan’s Twenty-First Century Dystopia     Peter T. Singleton

Cortazar’s Axolotl and the Author’s Embrace of Marxism     Adam Kirby

What Thales Found: A Play in One Act     Ivor Davies

Message Undeliverable     George Shirley

On the 325th Anniversary of the Glorious Revolution: The Historical Significance of the English Civil War      Mark Wegierski

Cell Phones and Celery: How to Create a Polis of Mass Dependency From Two Directions      John R. Harris

Contra Gay Marriage: Two Species of Rational Argument     John R. Harris

Selections from the Discourses of Epictetus     Staff

The Urban Camper; Ice Hotels and Glass Towers        Anonymous Contributors

13.2 (Spring 2013)

The Beautiful Female Face a Second (and Final?) Time     Peter T. Singleton

“If We Have the Book, We Haven’t the Reading: A Literate Author’s Resurrection of the Oral Tale     John R. Harris

Monsters of Duty: Cordwainer Smith’s Attack on Kantian Duty and the Suppression of Feeling in “Scanners Live in Vain”    Richard Cocks

The Dogs Have Their Day      Ivor Davies

George Parkin Grant, 1918-1988: Complex Canadian Critic of Technology and America     Mark Wegierski

The Professor and the Philosopher: Thomas Hurka and George Grant       Mark Wegierski     Mark Wegierski

Progressivism on Trial     John R. Harris

Dreams, Déjà Vu, and Other “Numinous” Experiences     John R. Harris

To “Be” or to “Do”: A Note on American Education     James Truslow Adams

The Great Gun Debate: More Grandstanding, Heel-Dragging, and Outright Stupidity        Pancratistes

13.1 (Winter 2013)

The Kali Yuga: René Guenon’s Traditionalist Critique of Quantitative Modernity     Thomas F. Bertonneau

Poetry and Will: A Formula for Progressive Religion     John R. Harris

More Politically Forbidden Fables        Peter T. Singleton 

Young Bird Takes Wing and The Last Christmas Lights     George Shirley

On the 20th Anniversary of the Bloc Quebeçois becoming the Official Opposition in the federal Parliament: Separatist tendencies in Canada–their origins, development, and future     Mark Wegierski

Self-Sufficiency:  The One Hope for Political Freedom–and the Inevitable Response to Social Collapse      John R. Harris

Omnipotent or Benevolent: The Christian Conundrum     Peter T. Singleton

From Democracy in America: “What Sort of Despotism Democratic Nations Have to Fear”        Alexis de Toqueville

Save Our Children: Arm the Custodian and the Math Teacher        Pancratistes

12.4 (Fall 2012)

The Beautiful Female Face–And Its Feminist Enemies       Peter T. Singleton
Proverbs in Greco-Roman Antiquity: One Key to Unlocking Cultural Evolution        John R. Harris
Something to Be Done        Or Amit
Pomeroy’s Reign in the Days of Vast Decline        Ivor Davies
Dirge for Brown Thrasher       George Shirley
The Worst Sonnet in the History of the Universe       David Crookes
Review of The Effects of Mass Immigration on Canadian Living Standards and Society      Mark Wegierski
Folly, Lunacy, and Downright Stupidity: The Testimony Against Progressives in Their Own Speech and Writing      John R. Harris
The Sinkhole of Racial Determinism       Meredydd
“Scipio’s Dream”, from Cicero’s De Re Publica        Staff
Water, Climate Change, and Individual Freedom

12.3 (Summer 2012)

Modern Society as a Literary Substrate       Or Amit
Different Answers to the Question “Why”: Vital Coordinates for the Student Writer (With an Addendum on How to Reform Academe’s Literary Pedagogy)        John R. Harris
Big Feet, Invisible Tracks        J. S. Moseby

Sunday School in Southern Town       George Shirley

On the 145th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation: Political, constitutional, juridical, and socio-cultural aspects of the origins and development of the Canadian State      Mark Wegierski
Amnesty, Amity, Amenity… Sing the Refrain Until You Fall Senseless     Peter Singleton
Higher and Lower Nature: The Christian Duty to Stand Against Gay Marriage       Pancratistes
Liberating Education: How Home-Instruction Can Elevate Income, Competence, and Social Harmony        John R. Harris
Aesop’s Fables and the Indian Panchatantra        Staff
Redefining Energy: From “Juice” to Functional Collaboration
Resisting the “Progress” from Animal Farm to Ant Farm

12.2 (Spring 2012)

Further Selections from Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso: Translation and Commentary        John R. Harris
What Became of Subtlety? A Literary Analysis of Tool’s Ænima        Adam J. Kirby
Rules for Revolutionaries        J. S. Moseby
The Wind        Wesley Ross Harris
Spring Fall and Five-Alarm Equinox       George Shirley
On the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812: A Comparison of the Conservative Traditions in America and Canada–Divergent Paths of Development in Two Distinct Countries      Mark Wegierski
When the Wheels Come Off the Wagon: Contemporary America’s Inevitable Descent into “Progress”    John R. Harris
Communist Totalitarianism and Radical Islam: A Marriage-From-Hell Made in Heaven       Pancratistes
Honor Thy Darwin and Thy Newton        Or Amit
Bright Ideas

12.1 (Winter 2012)

Selections from Ariosto”s Orlando Furioso: Translation and Commentary        John R. Harris

Comparing the Texts and “Realworld” Contexts of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings and Frank Herbert’s Dune (essay)        Mark Wegierski

Equality Island        Ivor Davies

Resisting “soft-totalitarianism”?: The ethical challenges for sincerely-believing Christians of living in accord with their faith in current-day Canada (essay)        Mark Wegierski

The “Religion” of Progressivism Encore Une Fois (article)        John R. Harris

Early Texts: The Shaman as Hero (article)        John R. Harris 

Bright Ideas

11.4 (Fall 2011)

The Wasting-Sickness ofCú Chulainn and Marie de France’s Lay of Eliduc: Translation and Commentary       John R. Harris 

Meditation in a Recession and Of Generals and Catacombs (poems)        Michael H. Lythgoe 

Humanism and Rooted Diversity: Two Major Foci of Resistance to Late Modernity (essay)        Mark Wegierski

To Spend or Not to Spend: A Battle of Religious Faiths (article)        Pancratistes

Vox Populi, Vox Dei (article)        Peter Singleton

Public-Sector Collapse and Communal Rebirth Through Home-Schooling (article)        Gianna DiRoberti 

11.3 (Summer 2011)

“Its Beginning Is Better Than Its End”: Proverbs, Wisdom, Cynicism, and the Oral Mind     John R. Harris

Penitence and To the Beloved PAL Girls        Wesley Ross Harris 

Now He Drives Himself       John Harris

The “A” in “Team”    Ivor Davies 

Notes Towards the Definition of a Conservative Green Philosophy      Mark Wegierski

Technology: Culture’s Deterioration        Wesley Ross Harris

Mass-Hysteria and Name-Calling: A Very Ancient Example        Peter Singleton 

Islamic Neighborhoods–Not Koranic Societies     John R. Harris

Reading and Writing: The Bedrock of Home-Education       Gianna DiRoberti 

11.2 (Spring 2011)

Men of Less Will Than Whimsy: The Moral Non-Sequitur Within Jules Romains’s Epic Portrait of Europe (Part Two)       John R. Harris

The Gentleman of Chaillot     J. S. Moseby

 A Theory of Everything     Syd Amit

Computers and Society from the 1980s to Today: A Sketch     Mark Wegierski

Livable Spaces: A Radical Alternative to False Conservatism (Part Two)     John R. Harris

Under the Bridge: How Faith Survives as Christian Leaders Collaborate on the Tower of Babel     Pancratistes

Botany and Astronomy: The Perfect Home-Grown Science Curriculum     Staff

11.1 (Winter 2011)

Men of Less Will Than Whimsy: The Moral Non-Sequitur Within Jules Romains’s Epic Portrait of Europe (Part One)       John R. Harris

Four Politically Wicked Bedtime Stories     Peter Singleton

Megatrends and Megatraumas        Mark Wegierski 

Livable Spaces: A Radical Alternative to False Conservatism (Part One)     John R. Harris 

The American South: A Whipping Boy That Intellectuals and the Masses Can Share     J. S. Moseby

Extra-Terrestrials Do Not Threaten Faith, Whatever Else They May Menace       Pancratistes

Which End of the Funnel?     Staff

10.4 (Fall 2010)

Narrative Haeretics: One Key to Understanding an Artfully Made Story     John R. Harris

Raising the Fallen World: Richard Wagner and the Scenic Imagination     Thomas F. Bertonneau

The little man     David Z. Crookes

Solon: # 1 of Surviving Fragments     Trans. John R. Harris

Supreme Anomaly     J. S. Moseby

The Emergence of Media: Humanity’s Endgame–A Precis and A Mediatized Society: Examples     Mark Wegierski

Multiculturalism: Globalist Gambit to Annihilate Culture      Peter Singleton

Why Is Human History an Inhuman Nightmare?      John R. Harris

Don’t Forget to Educate the Spirit      Peter Singleton

10.3 (Summer 2010)

Narrative Haeretics: One Key to Understanding an Artfully Made Story     John Harris

Traditionalist Themes in Science Fiction and Fantasy: A Monitory Response to Mass Media      Mark Wegierski  

The Fourth of the Month of Julius     Ivor Davies

An Open Letter to Close-Minded Campuses: Please Define “Progress”     Mark Notzon

Two Litmus Tests for Self-Styled Conservatives     Peter Singleton

The Moralism of Historical Cycle     John R. Harris  

New Resources–But All Revolving Around Literature     Staff

10.2 (Spring 2010)

Neither Fish Nor Fowl: The Narrative Middle Ground Between Oral and Literate: (Part II)     John R. Harris

The Hemlock Society      Ivor Davies

The Library and Modern Society in the 1980s–and Beyond     Mark Wegierski

The Importance of Reading Great Fiction to Building a Strong State     John R. Harris

The Godless Intellectual’s Fantasy Football     Peter Singleton

 Be a Culture-Warrior, Not a Cultural Cheese-Melt     anonymous state employee

10.1 (Winter 2010)

“We Just Run Ourselves”: H. G. Wells on Modernity, Order, and Disorder      Thomas F. Bertonneau

Neither Fish Nor Fowl: The Narrative Middle Ground Between Oral and Literate:      John R. Harris

Buddha Is Not Bullet-Proof, Cordoba, No Escape from Violence for the Summer Solstice, and Hail & Farewell, Scarecrow     Michael H. Lythgoe

Margin of Error     J. S. Moseby

Fukayama,Twenty-One Years After     Mark Wegierski

Why Neo-Conservatism Is Pseudo-Conservatism     Staff

Eradicating National Borders Is Not a Christian Duty     Staff

A Cordial Welcome      John R. Harris

9.4 (Fall 2009)

The Adventure of Melóra and Orlando     Translated from Irish Gaelic by John R. Harris

Community and Identity in Late Modernity     Mark Wegierski

If A, Then B: Straight Answers in Twisted Times     Peter T. Singleton

Four Sounds, and Then a Fifth (poem)     Alan McGinnis

Love Story: Version 0.5 (short story)     Ivor Davies

9.3 (Summer 2009)

From Arcadia to Empire: The Aeneid’s Elusive Allegory  (Part Two)  (commentary)     John R. Harris

The Politics of the Professoriate: The Prospects for Higher Education Reform     Michael Sugrue

The Antinomian Academy: A Response     John R. Harris

Michael Lythgoe: Four Poems

The Old Man and the Boys of Summer (short story)     Peter Singleton

A Politician Counts His Sheep (poem)     Alan McGinnis

9.2 (Spring 2009)

The Power of Then      Steve Kogan

From Arcadia to Empire: The Aeneid’s Elusive Allegory (commentary)     John R. Harris

The Absurd Reich Or, On the Politics of Demonic Nothingness     Gary Inbinder

Faith, Reason, Charity, and Liberalism: A Response     John R. Harris  

Technophobes Roil Nation, Rile Lawmakers     Staff

Parallel Failures (poetry)     Alan McGinnis

Memento Mori (short story)     Ivor Davies

 9.1 (Winter 2009)

“The Catastrophe”: What the End of Bronze Age Civilization Means for Modern Times     Thomas F. Bertonneau  (history and literature)

“Era of Change” Brings Little Hope for Literacy     Staff  (satire)

Thoughts Out of Season: The Future of Traditionalism     Mark Wegierski  (the polis in crisis)

“I Refute It Thus”: History, Politics and Education: A Memoir on the Genesis of My Manuscript)      Michael Sugrue  (literature and academe)

Medea’s Stepsisters: The Toxic Alchemy of Feminism, Self-Esteem, Ignorance, and Youth     John R. Harris  (contemporary academe)

Fault Line Sonnets and Night Nurse (poetry)     Michael H. Lythgoe

Erebos (short story)      J. S. Moseby

8.4 (Fall 2008)

Measure, for Measure: The Bible Contra Puritanical Christianity    Michael Sugrue

The Feminine Figure in Painting      Peter T. Singleton

Messages to the French: The Six Radio Broadcasts of Jules Romains to His Countrymen in Occupied France from 1940 to 1941      Translated by John R. Harris

The Shulamite (poem)

David Z. Crookes

Virus Scan (poem)     Alan McGinnis

Laestrygonia (short story)     J. S. Moseby

8.3 (Summer 2008)

The Vanishing Cultivated Girl and her Replacement: From Reading Novels to Talking Trash on Campus     Thomas F. Bertonneau

Literacy’s Mystic Moon: The Flow and Ebb of the Sublime Through the English Classics of the Sublime Through the English Classics     John R. Harris  

Traditional Social Philosophy: A Sketch of an Idea     Mark Wegierski

Internal Bickering Nixes Establishment of Private Neo-Conservative Liberal Arts College     (Thomas F. Bertonneau)

Summer Storm (poem)     Alan McGinnis

Next Door Burned Ucalegon (short story)     Ivor Davies

8.2 (Spring 2008)

A Kinship Forgotten, A Rebellion Overlooked: Evangelical Influences on English Romanticism (Part II)     Sean Trainor

The Tyranny of Numbers     John Matthew Fox

Freedom Grows on Trees: A Eudemonist Economics (Part II)     John R. Harris

iBrain: The Future of Mind Power     Rosalinda Nava

College Professors Seek to Rediscover, Redefine, and Revivify Goals of Higher Education     Thomas F. Bertonneau

“OLD KING COLE”: article abstract      David Z. Crookes

A Stone Map and Requiem on the Frontier of Day  (poems)     Michael Lythgoe

Epimenidean Vignettes (short stories)     Peter Singleton

8.1 (Winter 2008)

Dr. Paterson Visits the Library While the Cool People Wiki and Blog     Thomas F. Bertonneau

The Emergence of Media: Humanity’s Endgame     Mark Wegierski

A Kinship Forgotten, A Rebellion Overlooked: Evangelical Influences on English Romanticism (I)     Sean Trainor

Freedom Grows on Trees: A Eudemonist Economics (I)     John R. Harris

High College Costs, Low Student Achievement, Driven by Global Warming – Researchers Say

Converse Experience     J. S. Moseby

7.4 (Fall 2007)

A Taxonomy of North American Society’s Narratives of Catastrophe and Dissolution     John R. Harris

Space Exploration, Technology, and the Possible Futures of Humanity     Mark Wegierski

The High Hills: Frederick Delius and the Secular Sublime     Thomas F. Bertonneau

Invitation to Opposing Voyages     J. S. Moseby

7.3 (Summer 2007)

The New Berlioz: Musical High Romanticism in an Age of Technical and Ideological Correctness     Thomas F. Bertonneau

Orality and Literacy Revisited: Beleaguered Allies Against the Technical Onslaught of the Visual     John R. Harris

Ends of the West     Mark Wegierski

Painting Dick Tracy into Heaven  (poem)     Michael H. Lythgoe

Still Life (short story)     Fiona MacAlistair

7.2 (Spring 2007)

Facilis Descensus Averno, Part II: A Diffusely Comparative Study of Romantic Illusion and Social Dissolution      John R. Harris

Planet-Wide Cultural Struggles Over Definitions of Freedom, Order, and Security Will Determine the Shape of the Future     Mark Wegierski

Drugged Reality     Mark Wegierski

Socratic Method in Comp 101: Wringing Simple Truths from Complex Essays     Peter Singleton

Continental Shelf      J. S. Moseby

Requiescat Oriana Fallaci: A Poem, A Prayer      Peter Singleton

7.1 (Winter 2007)

Religion Against Itself: The Revolt of the Elite of the United Church Christ     Howard S. Schwartz  

Facilis Descensus Averno, Part I A Diffusely Comparative Study of Romantic Illusion and Social Dissolution     John R. Harris

Modernity and the Machine: Viewpoints on Technology and Society  and  (Postscript) Interpreting the Millennium: The Dilemma of Hypermodernity     Mark Wegierski

And Deliver Us from English      Mark Notzon  

The Ghost of Caesar’s Wife      Ivor Davies  

6.4 (Fall 2006)

Just What Did Robin Hood Really DO for the Poor?     Jim Stebinger

Realist Fiction and the Femina Immolata: Comparative Literature on Trial     John R. Harris

Work, Holidays, Leisure, Recreation, and the Search for Meaning in Late Modernity  and  What Remains Creative in the Heritage of Marx’s Thought     Mark Wegierski

An Interview with Michael Lythgoe, Poet of Brass     John Harris

That That “That” Restricts… Rules for Snobby Fools     Staff 

The Show Goes On     J. S. Moseby

6.3 (Summer 2006)

A Synthetic Meditation on Baseball, Racism, Closed Systems, and Spiritual Rigor Mortis     John R. Harris

Three Poems from Troubled Lands     Ralph S. Carlson

Pyotr’s Long Short-Cut (fiction)     Peter Singleton

Melville and His Marxist Critics      Steve Kogan

6.1-2 (Winter/Spring 2006)

“I, Martian”: The Autoscopy of a Science Fiction Addict     Thomas F. Bertonneau

The Narcissus Narcosis: A Platonic Dialogue on the Plight of Culture in Contemporary Society     John R. Harris

Traditionalist Themes in Science Fiction and Fantasy  and  Science Fiction, Pop-Culture, and the World-Historical Crisis     Mark Wegierski

Some Highly Impolitic Thoughts on Cultural Decay, Peasantry, and the Mexican Diaspora     Peter Singleton

Night Draft     J. S. Moseby

Friedland, from Confessions of the Creature     Gary Inbinder

5.4 (Fall 2005) 

The Post-Literate Student and the Anti-Literate Academy: A Bad Match at a Crucial Moment     John R. Harris

A Dark Turn in the Pop-Culture: “Bleak Future” and Occult-Horror Subgenres in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming     Mark Wegierski

Dark Futures in Gaming: Some Further Explorations     Mark Wegierski

Teacher, Make Me Wise    Staff

Four Poems     Michael H. Lythgoe

Career Year (short story)     J.S. Moseby

5.3 (Summer 2005)

How Never to Write a “Scholarly Article”: On Falling Afoul of Academic Bigotry    John R. Harris
Christian Virtues in Star Trek (TOS)     Kim Paffenroth
Star Trek: Cultural Vector and Hollywood Cash-Cow     Mark Wegierski
Some Thoughts on Herbert Marcuse vs. Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World     Mark Wegierski
Window Without a View (short story)    Ivor Davies

5.1-2 (Winter/Spring 2005)

True Stories, by Lev Razgon: Literature and the Soviet Genocide     Steve Kogan
The False Conservatism of the Cynic’s Utopia: Kant, Machiavelli, and Truthfulness     John R. Harris
Three Essays for Students: On Topics Various and Sundry and Illustrative of Problems Faced by Beginning Writers     Thomas F. Bertonneau
Deconstructing Arthur     Gary Inbinder
Two Brief Essays on Politics, the Economy, and Western Culture: Some Notes on East Asian Cosmology, Society, and Economy and Down with the Therapeutic Left and the Managerial Right     Mark Wegierski
Reviews of Recent Books Which Strive to Define Contemporary Culture    Mark Wegierski
Three Poems:The Lost Karankawa and Catalogue of Slips, by David Adams; Lost Indictment, by John Harris
Dry Thaw (short story)     J.S. Moseby

4.4 (Fall 2004)

Can Glory Blaze from the Void? Thoughts on the Tenuous Connection between Painting and Literacy John R. Harris
Putting a Period to the “Quote” Issue Staff
Have Late Modern Values and Technology Made Great Art Impossible? Mark Wegierski
War on a Rainy Afternoon: Boardgames and Myth-Making Mark Wegierski
What Are Historical Boardgames or Wargames? An Introduction
Paleocons vs. Neocons in Board Wargames
Review of the Magazine: GameFix: The Forum of Ideas and of “Near-Future Conflict” boardgame Crisis 2000: Insurrection in the United States!
Review of the “Near-Future Conflict” Boardgame, Minuteman: The Second American Revolution
Fashion Art and the Moral Imagination Gary Inbinder
The Prize for the Race” (short story) Ivor Davies
R. S. Carlson: Three Poems
Kandinsky Rondeau Michael H. Lythgoe
Working, Walking, and Well-Being John R. Harris
Four Poems in Paint Jonathan Chaves

4.3 (Summer 2004)

Confessions of a Symphomaniac: Of Luck, Music, and the Training of the Soul     Thomas F. Bertonneau
Three Short Essays on Taste and Technology    Mark Wegierski
“In the New Millennium: Five Internet Visions from a Technoskeptic”
“Can the Internet Challenge Today’s Informational and Cultural Monopoly?”
“For a New Cultural Criticism”
Five-Finger Exercise for the Hairy Paw: How Music Might Rehabilitate Literacy     John R. Harris
Cosmic Dualism, Moral Freedom, Teleology, and Natural Rights     Gary Inbinder
Teleology and Music: Editor’s Postscript     John R. Harris
A Generation X-er Declines to Defend Contemporary Music     Kelly Hampton
“The Mendicant Professor Vows Poverty of Expression”     Jim Pangborn
“Reading The Wall Street Journal” and “Imprints”     Michael Lythgoe
Two Musical Italian Short Stories: “The Tympanist” by Aldo Camerino and “Music” by Giovanni Guareschi     (translated byGianna DiRoberti)
Liminal Negligence     J.S. Moseby

4.2 (Spring 2004)

The Aesthetic Crisis of Post-Literacy: How Lack of Finesse Feeds Moral Collapse     John R. Harris
The Judgment of Paris     Gary Inbinder
A Young Person’s Guide to Postmodernism: Four Polemical Book Reviews      Paul Sonnino
Goldsmith, Blue and Green     review-essay by Mark Wegierski
Death Sentence: The Decay of Public Language, by Don Watson.     reviewed byMargaret Turnbull
Words in Spring’s Hour Glass: Three Poems     Ralph S. Carlson
Terminal Promotion (short story)     Ivor Davies
Dr. Palaver, Word Therapist

 4.1 (Winter 2004)

Pessimism au Pied de la Lettre:Ideological Illiteracy and the Vertical Invasion of the Barbarians     Thomas F. Bertonneau
Books About Culture and Politics reviewed by Mark Wegierski
The Skin of Culture: Investigating the New Electronic Reality, by Derrick de Kerckhove
The Unconscious Civilization, by John Ralston Saul
The Revolt of the Elites: and the Betrayal of Democracy, by Christopher Lasch
Political Theory for Mortals: Shades of Justice, Images of Death Contestations: Cornell Studies in Political Theory, by John E. Seery
George Grant: A Biography, by William Christian
Recovered Body, by Scott Cairns (reviewed by Michael H. Lythgoe)
There is an Isle: A Limerick Boyhood, by Criostoir O’Flynn (reviewed by Peter Singleton)
On Eternity and Moral Reason: Why Clocks Keep Ticking in Heaven     John R. Harris
El Día de Hoy (short story)     Ivor Davies
Santa’s Death (poetry)     John R. Harris

3.4 (Fall 2003)

Daggerpoints and Loggerheads: Intellectualism and the Decline of the West     John R. Harris
To the Prophets: An Essay on Romanticism     John D. Wright
Postscript to Essay on Romanticism: Author and Editor Trade Thoughts     John Wright and John Harris
Translated Excerpts from Pierre Lasserre’s Le Romantisme Français     Gianna DiRoberti
“Third Degree” (short story)     Ivor Davies
Life Via Electron: “And From Our Correspondent In…”, “Da News”, and “Prayers from Belgrade” (poetry)     R.S. Carlson

3.3 (Summer 2003)

Judges of the Past     Jonathan Chaves
Look Homeward, Angela     Staff
Daggerpoints and Loggerheads: The Twentieth Century’s Fatal Division into Ideological Camps     John R. Harris
Transgressive Technologies: Does a Posthuman Dystopia Await Us?     Mark Wegierski
“Diagnosis” (poem in four parts)     R.S. Carlson
Four Poems by Michael H. Lythgoe
Hommage à Baudelaire: Three Prose Poems     John R. Harris
“White Cover” (short story)     J.S. Moseby
Dr. Palaver

3.2 (Spring 2003)

Kicking the Stone and Viewing the Icon: Realist Epistemology Between Heaven and Earth     Jonathan Chaves
Daggerpoints and Loggerheads: A Sad Time’s Taste for Perverse Oppositions     John R. Harris
“Some Mornings on the DMZ” and Other Poems     R.S. Carlson
War of the Worlds: Post-Literate Reporting Meets the Ugliness of Truth     Peter Singleton
Spontaneous Overflow     Ivor Davies
Star-Mangled Banner     Staff
Footprints in the Snow of the Moon, Chapter Six (excerpt from novel)     J.S. Moseby

3.1 (Winter 2003)

Foreign Language and the Enemies of Literacy: An Addendum     John R. Harris
Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million, by Martin Amis      Reviewed by Thomas F. Bertonneau
No More Mr. Nice Guy for “Zero Tolerance”     Peter T. Singleton
Generation X-Minus-One Goes to Hell in a Tenure Package     Staff
“Rings” on the Screen: Peter Jackson’s Valiant Defense of Moral Coherence     Kelly Ann Hampton
Auto Focus (movie review)     Mary Grabar
The Forsytes Were Better in Hindsight     Staff
“Footprints in the Snow of the Moon” (excerpt from novel)     J.S. Moseby
Dr. Palaver, Word Therapist

2.4 (Fall 2002)

A Sampling of Pronouncements from Our Cultural Elites     Steve Kogan
Three Poem from Somewhere Now: “So Cool”, “And Choice of Sides or Pronoun”, and “From a Safe Distance”     R.S. Carlson
Literature and Literacy: The Decline of Reading and the Stultification of Student Prose     Thomas F. Bertonneau
Who Needs Enemies? The Peculiar Struggle of Literary Studies at Christian-Affiliated Colleges     John R. Harris
“Fish in a Barrel”     Ivor Davies

2.3 (Summer 2002)

Thinking is Hard: How a Damaged Literacy Hinders Students from Coming to Grips With Ideas     Thomas F. Bertonneau
The Dusty, Dog-Eared Book: Space Well Wasted     Peter T. Singleton
Post-Literacy, Biblicism, and the Death of Christianity: Big Party in the Wading Pool     John R. Harris
Three Sketches of Post-Social Society     Fiona MacAlister
If It Keeps Them Quiet, Is It True?     (Staff)
Dr. Palaver, Word Therapist
Three Poems     R.S. Carlson
Three Poems     Michael H. Lythgoe

2.2 (Spring 2002)

The Intimate Message of Foreign Language: One Small Curricular Step Toward Restoring Reason     John R. Harris
It’s Been Said Before     Staff
Bimbos in Limbo: Will the Real Bobo Please Stand Up?     Gianna DiRoberti
William James Visits Yosemite in 1898, with an Itinerary and Chronology of William James’s California Trip (August 1898)     Allan Shields
Pieta” (poem)     Joseph Soldati
Who Shall ’Scape Whipping?     Staff
R.S. Carlson: Three Poems
“Seeing Space”     J. S. Moseby
“Straight Shaft”     Ivor Davies
Watch on the Wry     Staff
Dr. Palaver, Word Therapist

2.1 (Winter 2002)

Toward Anthroponomy: How Western Culture Has Become Its Own Worst Enemy     John R. Harris
Academentia: Making History     Mary Grabar
Clowning with Cloning: Where Clouds of Witness End and Cloudy Witlessness Begins     Peter T. Singleton
The Anthropological and Psychological Origins of Political Correctness… with Emphasis on Howard Schwartz’s The Revolt of the Primitive     Thomas F. Bertonneau
Three by R.S. Carlson (poetry)
Counsellor Dan and Biddy Moriarty Have a Go at One Another     Staff
Postscript to Tacitus     Giles Maskell
Dr. Palaver, Word Therapist

1.4 (Fall 2001)

Rest in Peace, World Trade Center: Live Unsettled, Mankind     Peter T. Singleton
Academentia: Terror in the Tower     Mary Grabar
The Jargon of Mock Ethnicity: Multiculturalism and Diversity as Virtual Thinking     Thomas F. Bertonneau
The Arduous Path Up Spengler’s Decline: An Idealist Responds to Destiny     John R. Harris
Two Notes on Boys and Men: “Why All the Fuss About Alcibiades?” and “How Calamity Jane Rewrote the [Her]story of the West”     Staff
“Alpha” Is for “Acephalic”     Staff
Nihilist’s Progress: From Marx to Feminism to Misogyny     Gianna DiRoberti
Three by R.S. Carlson
Running On Empty     J.S. Moseby
Dr. Palaver, Word Therapist
“Holy Warrior”     John R. Harris

 1.3 (Summer 2001)

Breaking Line at Payback Time: Victim-Ideology’s Culture of Rage     Peter Singleton
Express Train to 1929     Steve Kogan
No “Middle” in Middle America, No Aristotle in the Academy     Kelly Ann Hampton
Semper Inutile: In Praise of the Useless      John R. Harris
Two Poems Under Clear Skies     Michael H. Lythgoe
Intimations of Spirality      John R. Harris
It’s Been Said Before     Staff
Baseball Strikes Out      Staff
Dr. Palaver, Word Therapist     Staff
Contemporary Antiquities    J.S. Moseby

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