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A Common-Sense Journal of Literary and Cultural Analysis

14.4 (Fall 2014)


A Quarterly Publication of the Center for Literate Values

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John R. Harris, Ph.D.

University of Texas, Tyler


Thomas F. Bertonneau, Ph.D.

SUNY Oswego


Helen R. Andretta, Ph.D.

York College-CUNY


Michael H. Lythgoe

Lt. Col. USAF (Retd.)



Contents of This Issue

Literary/Artistic Analysis

Russian Painting: A Stupendous Genie Hidden in a Tarnished Lantern     Peter T. Singleton
The author offers himself humbly as a delighted amateur rather than an expert; yet in that capacity, he takes us on a very quick tour of nineteenth-century Russian oil painting (with ample illustrations) for which most of us will be deeply grateful.

Academe in Decay

Cast a Pale Eye on Right, on Left: A Polemical Lament for Upon the Death of Literary Study       John R. Harris
Political and cultural forces identifying themselves as right-wing have shown more aversion than eagerness to preserve the Western literary tradition.  Is it possible that the less ideological of the left-leaning professoriate might take up the neglected cause of our classic authors? 

The Polis vs. Progress

A Poisoned Imagination?  Examining the Excess of “Late Modern” Imageries in Various Subgenres of the Fantastic     Mark Wegierski
Mr. Wegierski has often analyzed popular culture in these pages for clues to how future citizens of Western republics are likely to think.  He revisits the topic now through various games that posit a dystopic world of tomorrow… and his conclusions are accordingly worrisome. 

Four Wild Cards: Volatile Elements in Our High-Tech Future, as Magnified by Space Travel       John R. Harris
Popular genres of entertainment have long represented space travel as a romantic adventure–a continuation, perhaps, of the settlement of America’s western frontier.  Based on the trajectory of technologies that may take us to other planets, this vision is extremely naive.

Faith & Cultural Meltdown

Is “Christian” the Latest Word to Mean Nothing at All?     John R. Harris & George Shirley
This is a strongly worded attack on “invertebracy” within within the organized ranks of the Christian Church.  The author charges that the “c” word now conveys little more than dull acquiescence in every moral confrontation and an ostentatious pantomime of generosity during social crises.

The Christian Church in Progressive Meltdown: A Continuation of the Previous Discussion     John R. Harris & George Shirley
The authors of the previous essay have edited several email exchanges that ensued after their collaborative work into a dialogue, its terms perhaps more blunt and daring than before.


Homo Superior Rises from the Muck     Ivor Davies
In broadening academic circles, it seems to be recognized that Professor Spode is a brilliant man–particularly since no ordinary mind is capable of understanding what he’s saying.
Three Poems     Michael H. Lythgoe
Lt. Col. Lythgoe has a gift for capturing subtle shifts in the seasons–shifts and seasons both surrounding us in the natural world and shadowing us in our artificial human world.

Educational Resources

A Suggested Focus for Exercises in Advanced Composition: Analyzing Our High-Tech World        John R. Harris
This page contains topics for discussion and links to readings that will prove very stimulating in any household where college-bound adolescents are trying to hone their writing and thinking skills.  Adult, voting-aged citizens would also be well advised to ponder these issues.

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