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The Center for Literate Values ~ Defending the Western tradition of responsible individualism, disciplined freedom, tasteful creativity, common sense, and faith in a supreme moral being.

        P R A E S I D I U M

A Common-Sense Journal of Literary and Cultural Analysis

        14.1 (Winter 2014)


A Quarterly Publication of the Center for Literate Values

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All contents of this journal are copyrighted by The Center for Literate Values of Tyler, Texas (2014), and may not be cited at length or reproduced without The Center’s express permission.

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John R. Harris, Ph.D.

University of Texas, Tyler


Thomas F. Bertonneau, Ph.D.

SUNY Oswego


Helen R. Andretta, Ph.D.

York College-CUNY


Michael H. Lythgoe

Lt. Col. USAF (Retd.)



Contents of This Issue

        Literary Analysis

        Owein, or The Countess of the Fountain: Postscript       John R. Harris

This follow-up to the previous issue’s translation of a prose romance from the Welsh Mabinogion lays out much more thoroughly how Owein”s faintly mythic adventures allegorize Christian fall and redemption–and also explains how common was such narrative practice at the time.


        Short Stories

        The Steamrolled Kaleidoscope        Ivor Davies

Professor Slane discovers that, as absurd as multicultural doctrine is, his students and his personal life have already become hopelessly swept up in the unpredictable maelstrom of “post-culturalism”.


        The Polis vs. Progress

         “Third Parties” in Canada: A More Pluralistic Democracy?       Mark Wegierski

Canada has a long history of splinter parties whose influence, though usually local, has nonetheless affected national politics in a significant way.


        Faith & Cultural Meltdown

        Sermon on the Mound: Of Ants and Men       George Shirley

Are we governed by fate?  Our physical environment appears to be largely or entirely determined, but our response to it is a matter of choice.  When we surrender ourselves to the will of others, even as a means of maximizing our and others’ material well-being, we amputate our power of choice and reduce ourselves to objects without spirits.


        Homeschool Corner

        How to Parse Grimm’s Fairy Tales as Literature       John R. Harris (introduction)

Four tales from the Grimm Brothers’ collection (translated by Margaret Hunt) are reproduced here, along with an introduction and commentary that stress their connection to much more ancient oral traditions and to the forces of social change.


         Bright Ideas

         Homemade Hollywood        Anonymous Contributors   

This time is at hand when we will be able to rid our households of Hollywood’s noxious influences.  Individuals in the general public can now both produce and publish to the Net their own movie-length concoctions.