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A Common-Sense Journal of Literary and Cultural Analysis

13.4 (Fall 2013)


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John R. Harris, Ph.D.


Thomas F. Bertonneau, Ph.D.


Helen R. Andretta, Ph.D.

York College-CUNY


Michael H. Lythgoe

Lt. Col. USAF (Retd.)



Contents of This Issue

        Literary Analysis

        Owein, or The Countess of the Fountain (translated from Middle Welsh)        John R. Harris

Though this prose romance from the Welsh Mabinogion has been translated often, the present experiment attempts to remain as close to the original language in style as coherence will allow.  An argument is advanced in the notes that Owein”s faintly mythic adventures allegorize Christian fall and redemption.


        Short Stories

        Total War        David Z. Crookes 

Our post-heroic lives offer few occasions for glorious triumph, especially of the physical sort–and especially as we age.  The Geriatrics United Football Club (known as rugby here in the Colonies) provides several such occasions for its fortunate and spirited members.

        El Moreno, Vendetta di Dio        J. S. Moseby 

A strange journey into the desert at dusk makes several stops at ancient mythic references.  This unique tale is excerpted from a novel whose intent is to transport Dante’s inferno into a more contemporary setting. 


        The Polis vs. Progress

         Violence and the Civilized Society: Conformity and Dissidence in Different Societies       Mark Wegierski

No human society has ever utterly and successfully abjured violence.  Civilized societies, however, seek to abide by objective, rational guidelines in its employ.  Certainly neither the Left nor the Right has clean hands in this regard among contemporary Western societies; yet an impartial observer can hardly doubt which of the two sides of the aisle abides by more consistent and objective rules in using force.

         The Ideological Prospects of a Legitimate Second-Party Option in American Politics: A Position Paper      Pancratistes

Neither the “d” word nor the “r” word is used much in this paper.  It proposes, rather, that the two major parties in the U.S.are virtually indistinguishable when compared to the real concerns of responsible citizens.  A third party is therefore not so much needed as a genuine second one.

        Faith & Cultural Meltdown

        Our Own Worst Enemy: How the American Bourgeoisie Has Undermined Marriage and Other Institutions Vital to Its Survival       John R. Harris

In their eagerness to identify various subversive forces within Western society–the academy, the entertainment media, and even the Church–social commentators too often forget that our wayward children are at least indirectly products of the upbringing we have given them ourselves. 

          Bright Ideas

         An Urban Cowboy’s Tips to Teens on Staying Alive        Anonymous Contributors   

This space is devoted entirely to some rather grim but much-needed advice to clueless college freshmen about how to stay safe in an unfamiliar urban environment..


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