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A Common-Sense Journal of Literary and Cultural Analysis

12.4 (Fall 2012)





The Worst Sonnet in the History of the Universe

David Crookes


O love, my love, if love, thy love, be love,

Then love to love, that love with love may love

When love is love, when love can love its love

From love—not love of Love, but love of love,

For love can love no love where love and love

Have Love to love!—yet love we, love, by Love,

In Love we love, through Love we love, with Love

We love to love our love.  My love should love,

For love can love; my love will love, for love

May love.  My love would love?  My love shall love—

My love must love from love to love, or love

No love will love but Love.  I love my love:

So love, my love, that Love may love thy love,

And love my love; then Love will love our love.



David Crookes resides in Northern Ireland, and has command of more languages and skills than we have space to name.  His submission to this quarter’s issue might well be interpreted by artists and academics of the hermetic vein as a reminder to laugh at themselves occasionally.